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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Followers and Friends

Greetings my Peeps!

I just realized without much more than a light bulb popping over my head, that some of you may not know that my blog has moved!!!!! Is where you'll find all my content from now on. There's a place to subscribe to the blog, links to my publications, links to Facebook & Twitter, and all sorts of new content. I hope you enjoy the new site, as hundreds of hours of  moving and creating content has been lovingly put into it. I'm proud of what's been done, and have added much of the content myself. However, credit needs to go to Mr Mike Schafir, without whom I could have never accomplished such a feat.

I'm so sorry folks, for my lack of foresight. It's been an uphill battle to keep up with the writing, both The Long Haul Magazine, The Grip, and getting y'all updates. I'm not complaining mind you, but tackling all that and running my trucking business has kept me out of trouble without a doubt.

Life has been interesting for sure, partnerships have changed, an enormous amount of work has been accomplished, a student has been trained for the truck, and hired as a co-driver, and life hasn't stopped moving at warp speed since the last time I wrote in August. One major significant thing has changed though. Chris and I are back together. If you want all the details in full you'll have to follow the link and catch up with the news of your Gypsy there, as this will be my last blog post here.

Each and every one of my readers are important to me. I know I have been absent, but please bear with me folks, as things are about to get terribly exciting in the days and weeks to come. Please join me on my new adventures, I'd hate for you to miss a thing!

Eat well, laugh often, be free, & be you!

Gypsy Gourmet